Nullify's GnuPG 1.0.7 Release 2

Johan Wevers
Mon May 6 22:34:02 2002

Werner Koch wrote:

> I disagree.  Having only minor interop problems is a big advantage of
> OpenPGP over S/MIME.  Don't let us get intothe S/MIME trouble.

Having this as an option that only people who know what they're doing can
use is hardly a big problem.

> But only for the strongest set of keys in the WoT.  I don't think that
> there are major problems left over with pgp 2 (RSA v3) key signatures.

Here you are assuming that pgp 2 is not used anymore and only the keys
generated by it are left over. However, many people still use pgp 2.

BTW, wouldn't it be easy to convert a RSA v3 key to a RSA v4 sign/encrypt
key if someone wants to convert?

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