MAX_RESOURCES under 1.0.7

David Shaw
Thu May 9 16:31:02 2002

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 09:04:26AM -0500, David T-G wrote:
> Hi, all --
> Since around version 1.0.2 I have tweaked MAX_RESOURCES with a simple
> patch


>   +#define MAX_RESOURCES 100
>    static RESTBL resource_table[MAX_RESOURCES];
>    static int default_public_resource;
>    static int default_secret_resource;
> (I was doing it by hand before 1.0.4) to allow me to have lots of
> keyrings.  When building 1.0.7, I found that not only is ringedit.c gone
> but MAX_RESOURCES is nowhere to be found in the sources.  "Great!", I
> said to myself, thinking that this was probably now a dynamic allocation,
> and away I went to build.  Sure enough, after make finished I could
>   ./g10/gpg --list-keys
> and get 'em all, so I happily installed the new version (after, of
> course, carefully moving 1.0.6 aside -- and I'm sure glad I did!).
> Unfortunately, trying to sign an email message gives me
>   gpg: keyblock resource `/home/davidtg/.gnupg/pubring.corporate+group.gpg': resource limit


I believe (though have not tested) what you are looking for is
MAX_KEYDB_RESOURCES, set in keydb.c.


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