Function of ~pubkeys.dat & ~seckeys.dat files?

Greg Strong Greg Strong <>
Thu May 9 22:36:01 2002

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Hello rob_sands_02,

Thursday, May 9, 2002, 2:32:00 PM, you wrote:

r> Did you ever look into those files?

No.  They can not be found on the partitions that boot with this
bootable partitions.  In short I can not look at them because I can't
find them.  See my discussion below.

The reason I ask is I have GPG & GPGshell installed on a dual boot
system in the extended partition. I use extended partition for
communication software so that I only need 1 DB for whatever program I
need. In this bootable partition there is no ~pubkeys.dat &
~seckeys.dat files either in GnuPG or GPGshell directories. When I
boot other partition and try to load GPGkeys I receive an error
message that these files can't be found. Go figure why one doesn't
have them and works, the other doesn't have them and don't work.

I'm new to GPG so I've been reading threads here and in other mail
lists with similar topics. The gist of GPG is security, otherwise why
use it. Not being an advance user with GPG or a programmer, I think
from a conceptual perspective and ask a lot of questions. This is one
way I learn, the other being of coarse reading material.

I just did a quick look through the "File Type" tab registered file
types without any luck on the DAT file extension. Since the DAT file
type is not registered in the "Folder Option" I would imagine they are
some type of binary file associated with data. If I did have
~pubkeys.dat & ~seckeys.dat files what would I use to look at them?

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