help needed!!!

Leigh S. Jones
Fri May 10 16:04:02 2002

GnuPG for WinNT is also known as gpg/mingw32 
or gpg/w32 and is available at the 
web site.  It comes with the file compressed using
the "zip" format which is very commonly used for
all Microsoft operating systems.

If you cannot open the "zip" format, I suggest 
going to the web site and obtaining
the evaluation version of WinZip available there.
Install WinZip and use it to unzip the gpg archive.

Place the program gpg.exe into the directory
"c:\winnt".  Create a directory called "c:\gnupg", 
and place a copy of gpg.exe there also.

Open a command prompt.: <Start> <Programs>
<Command Prompt>.  In the command prompt
window type:

gpg --list-keys

When you hit return, gpg will give you an error 
message.  Again type:

gpg --list-keys

This time you should get no error message, but
you'll get an empty listing of keys.  This tells you
that the key database has been created.

Now, if you have any PGP secret keys, old gpg 
secret keys, etc., import them into gpg.  Use
the command "gpg --import <filename>".

If you don't have any PGP secret keys, etc.,
then that means you'll need to create some keys
for yourself.  

gpg --gen-key

Answer the questions.  Use the default key type.
DSA/ElGamal.  I suggest a key size of 2048.

You may need to add an "options" file to 
get the performance details that you want.  I
suggest a minimum of "openpgp".  An example
of an options file is found in the gpg main 
distribution gpg1.0.x.tar.gz (use WinZip to open
it).  Match the version number you get to the 
version number for gnupg/w32 that you have.

Instructions for use of gpg are available:

gpg --help

If you type "gpg" at the command prompt, you'll
get a message from gpg that you should go ahead
and type your message.  That's the hard way to 
do this. Get out of that mode by typing <ctrl>Z.
Create text messages that you want to encrypt in
notepad.exe or similar and encrypt using:

gpg --

You may wish to go to and
get winPT.    
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> Hello group,
> I am unable to install the GnuPG for windows NT. Can anybody help 
> me with this. If you can provide me the stepwise process of 
> installation, it would be great. Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Deepesh.
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