encrypting email mistake

Ali Chahvand ali23de@yahoo.de
Sat May 11 00:50:02 2002

Hi everyone,

i am pretty new to gpg or to other kind of encryption so i am had a lot of stuff to do the last few days ...
I am using gpg (GnuPG) 1.0.7 with sylpheed 0.75 and have compiled sylpheed with the correct "configure flag" so it works fine and shows me unter preferences a privacy icon where i can make ajustment to stuff related to encyption.

The problem is, that if i activate the encrytion option, he asks me to select a public key for the user i want to email to. But there are none, which i can select ! There is no, even not one single publci key i can see altough i have almost 10 imported. I have generated an own key and everything, i imported the pub key from the one i want to send the mail to and when i type gpg --list-keys he does show me the data fom the person whoo i want to write a encrypted mail.

What could have gone wrong ? Or where may i have made mistakes ?

thanks in advance 



PS: In Kmail 3.01 the same thing happens

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