using keys with multiple users

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X
Sat May 11 00:57:01 2002

You have two choices:

1 - issue separate keys for each employee who will
sign/encrypt with under the role of
and/or, in which case
each may keep secrets from the other but there could
be confusion on the part of your correspondents as to
which key to use 
2 - issue copies of a single key to each employee, in 
which case the key name would be something like:
"MyCompany Corporate Support Key <>"
in which case there would be little confusion on the 
part of your correspondents but questionable legal 
value of a signature

A single key could have two or more user 
identifications associated with it, for instance one
key could play the role of both

My personal choice is a hybrid:

Issue each employee two keys: one personal key 
to be used privately for encryption and signing
unambiguously plus one copy of each "role" key 
that appropriately matches their job title. 
This, however, requires separate keyrings -- to
allow each employee to select his/her own 
passwords -- so keyring file ownership must be
arbitrated in the operating system.  This probably
means no Windows 95/98/ME for "role" keyholders.

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Subject: using keys with multiple users

> Hello,
> I use GnuPG at work. My question is how can you use GnuPG with different
> people. For example you have the following situation. I receive and send
> mail using the following aliases
> Mails sent as hostmaster are CC'ed to everybody in the hostmaster group.
> The same is true for support.
> Currently I only encrypt/sign mail with my own address
> (
> I was wondering how we could encrypt/sign messages as
> and
> Does anybody work with such a setup?
> Thanks,
> -Jeroen-
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