Signatures and pub-key qustions...

Leigh S. Jones
Sat May 11 21:15:02 2002

Old UID's on the server will be merged with new UID's for the same

You don't remove old keys from the server.  If you have the secret key
you can generate a revocation certificate and upload it to the server.
old key remains on the server, but revoked.  When someone who has your
key on their keyring updates your key from the server, then the
showes up in their keyring.  Without the old/revoked key on the
they wouldn't find out you've revoked your key -- unless you told them
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Subject: Signatures and pub-key qustions...

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> Howzit;
> I started to use GnuPG more seriously when I migrated to KMail from
> Communicator. I have some questions. Far ago I created key pair for
> e-mail address which is not valid any more. I also submit that key
to public
> key server. I lost key pairs for that address. Of coarse I can
download back
> public key, but secret one is does not exist any more. Is there way
to remove
> obsolete public key from servers or will it stay there forever?
> Another quesion will be similar to previous one. I created key pair
and one
> extra UID for that key pair and submitted public key to servers.
Afterwards I
> removed UID and exports key again, but UID stay on servers. Is there
way to
> submit key again without extra UID?
> My last question is about signing. I don't sign keys of persons
which I
> personally don't know. But if my public key is signed with someone
do I need
> import it to my keyring again and then submit it to public servers
so others
> can read signature? Probably stupid question, but I didn't find any
> text which discuss this topic in enough depth.
> Thanks a lot. Marian
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