protection algorithm 254 is not supported

David Shaw
Tue May 14 01:16:01 2002

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 06:18:49PM -0400, Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez wrote:

> I have  a key ring consisting of:
> - Public key exported from gpg 1.0.7
> - Public/private keypair exported from gpg 1.0.7
> I have imported these two in a gpg 1.0.6 environment, and when I try to sign
> the first public key with the only private key in the keyring, I get this:
> gpg: protection algorithm 254 is not supported
> gpg: signing failed: unknown cipher algorithm
> What does this mean ?

>From NEWS:

    * Secret keys are now stored and exported in a new format which
      uses SHA-1 for integrity checks.  This format renders the
      Rosa/Klima attack useless.  Other OpenPGP implementations might
      not yet support this, so the option --simple-sk-checksum creates
      the old vulnerable format.

Basically, you need to --edit your key on 1.0.7 with
--simple-sk-checksum set.  Change the passphrase (you can even change
it back to itself if you like).  Then export.


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