identifying the key that signed the message

David T-G
Tue May 14 14:03:02 2002

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Hi, all --

Given a mail message, is there a way to identify the key that signed it
without firing up gpg?

My problem is actually sort of the mirror of that; I have a key that I
got from somewhere for John Doe (0xdeadbeef) and I have a whole bunch of
mail in various folders and I want to find the mail message(s) signed
with that key (well, the private complement of the public half that I
have, for the pedantic).

Unfortunately, not everyone has mail headers that look like their key
comments (hey, even I have been there myself at times), so it's not
sufficient to do

  frm -n /path/to/folder | egrep 'comment.text|email@addr.ess'

in hopes of finding a match.

Can it be done?


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