PRIVARIA: Open-Source, GPG-Based Secure Networking Suite

Ed Suominen
Wed May 15 17:32:02 2002

GnuPG users may be interested in my new open-source release of PRIVARIA, 
an encryption and authentication platform I've developed for 
firewall-friendly, peer-to-peer networking with my clients and 
colleagues. PRIVARIA builds on some excellent open-source tools, 
including GnuPG, WinPT, and Zebedee. My goal was to make secure 
communications effective, convenient, and intuitive, and I hope the 
results of the hundreds of hours of effort I put into this project helps 
to achieve this goal.

For more details, please see I look forward to
your feedback, bug reports, and making secure, peer-to-peer connections
with you via PRIVARIA! And thanks to Werner Koch, Timo Schulz (WinPT),
Neil Winton (Zebedee) and others for providing the important and
valuable crypto tools on which PRIVARIA builds its security and
authentication platform.

P.S. - Help with porting to Linux would be greatly appreciated! TCL is
cross-platform and all the bundled tools come in Linux flavors, so it
should be a reasonably easy project for a volunteer to take on, once I
figure out the mysteries of CVS and get my source committed to CVS on

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