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David T-G davidtg-gnupg@justpickone.org
Wed May 15 18:56:02 2002

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Hi, all --

I really would like to have my mail program, mutt, get keys so that they
drop into the right keyring instead of having to use the brute-force
move script I hacked up on the fly one day, but as you know the whole
keyring thing has been pretty tough for me.  Now that I finally have
things nailed down, it looks like the two ways to ensure that keys land
in the right ring are

  - use no options and no-default-keyring and specify the list's ring (eg
    pubring.mutt.gpg) and my ring (of course), and forget about the rest

  - write an options file every time gpg is called, listing all of the
    rings (from some known list) in the proper order (that is, the
    "catching" ring first) with all of the other options I like as well

and so of course I'm leaning toward the latter.  That would be much
easier to manage if I could source a script from within the options file;
I could have all of the other options statically listed and then run a
program that spits out my keyrings in the right order (though it would
have to be passed some info to know which ring goes at the top) so that
gpg could take them as options as well.  Can this be done?

Barring that, since writing a temp file to use as the options file is not
only messy and hazardous but unnecessary, I suppose the next alternative
is to write a gpg wrapper script that is intelligent enough to build one
whopping command line listing all of the standard options as well as the
properly-ordered list of keyrings, especially since it can happily take a
ring name as a parameter.  I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, though.


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