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Anthony E. Greene
Thu May 16 02:00:01 2002

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On 15-May-2002/17:57 +0200, Jeroen Valcke <> wrote:
>I just discovered this on the mutt site.
>Q: "People are sending PGP messages which mutt doesn't
>    recognize.  What can I do?"
>    The new way is to leave headers alone and use mutt's
>    check-traditional-pgp function, which can detect PGP messages at
>    run-time, and adjust content-types.

Another thing I do is sign/encrypt from within my editor, vim. I set mutt
to call vim like this: 

set editor="/usr/bin/vim -N -s $HOME/.vimrc-mail"

My ~/.vimrc-mail looks like this:

:set tw=74
:set fo=tcq
:cmap cs %!gpg --clearsign
:cmap es %!gpg -seat -r 
:cmap ee %!gpg -eat -r 
:set background=dark
:set syntax=mail
:syntax on

The first two lines set some reasonable formatting options for email. The
last three lines give me a decent set of colors for my dark-background
terminal window. The three lines in the middle specify key combinations
for GPG actions. The es and ee (encrypt/sign, encrypt) macros require me
to type or paste in the recipient's email address or keyid.

To clearsign this message, I use: [Escape]:cs[Enter]  then enter my
passphrase, then ZZ to save and quit, then y to send.

Describing it takes longer than doing it.

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