compatibility issues

Mark Brettin
Thu May 16 19:38:01 2002

So the client should be encrypting binary?  

I forgot to mention that we haven't tried any signatures
yet so signing is not (yet) an issue.  

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll check em out and
keep you all posted.

Thanks again,


Steve Butler wrote:
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> We at First Choice Health have had some interesting times with clients
> using PGP.  Usually we've been able to overcome them.  Here is what I'd
> suggest you check:
> 1.  the preferences on your key do not reference BLOWFISH or TWOFISH
> anywhere in the list.
> 2.  the client isn't trying to override and encrypt to IDEA.
> 3.  the client (or your internal) file copy (via FTP) did not use
> ASCII.  [We had to educate a couple of clients.]
> 4.  Is the client using WS_FTP on a Windows box and your FTP server is
> a Linux box?  Specifically we have a problem with one client using
> WS_FTP talking to our RedHat 6.2EE ftp server.  The client side appears
> to drop random <CR> bytes (not all of them as would be the case if it
> was an ASCII transfer).  Any other ftp client at their site appears to
> work flawlessly.  But they "like" WS_FTP  <<sigh>>.
> - From your description, I would lean toward #3 or #4.  The presumes that
> they were able to correctly import your public key are are really
> encrypting to it.  Are you able to encrypt a file to your public key
> and then decrypt it?
> - --Steve
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> Subject: compatibility issues
> Can any tell me if there is a known compatibility issue with
> PGP v7.0 and GnuPG 1.0.6?
> I'm having problems decrypting a clients message.  I am using
> GnuPG 1.0.6 and the client is using PGP 7.0.  The client is
> able to decrypt my messages.  The error I get when trying
> to decrypt the 7.0 message is as follows:
> gpg: decryption failed: bad key
> Any ideas?
> Thank you in advance.
> Mark
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