keyrings and moving keys

David T-G
Fri May 17 15:03:02 2002

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David, et al --

=2E..and then David Clarke said...
% On Wed, 15 May 2002, David T-G wrote:
% <snip>
% > How much of this behavior change was intended?  I personally would much
% > rather see imported keys land in the last keyring in the options file o=
% I use multiple keyrings too, and am wondering why the previous behaviour
% was modified.  I liked it the other way as I could specify a keyring on

Yeah *sniff*

% the command line and it was the keyring that any keys downloaded would
% go into.

Hey, I'm just glad that I finally got a response in this thread :-)  I've
figured out how to get keys to land in my catch-all ring again and am
working on how to put them in a particular ring, so I can continue to
function, but I still long for "the old way".

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Thanks & HAND

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