please help From: "HEMANT BAANDAL"

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X
Sat May 18 00:57:02 2002

On re-reading your first post, I see that I may
have misunderstood your question.  Forgive

You wrote:

> i wanted to know if there is any way i can 
> decrypt gpg encrypted file without giving 
> the "passphrase".

Your secret key is stored in the secret 
keyring in encrypted format.  The entry of 
a passphrase is necessary to decrypt the
secret key for use.  When encrypting files
or verifying signatures you will be using
the other person's public key.  Public keys
are stored in the public key ring without
any encryption, so encryption and 
verification operations do not require any
passphrase entry (except in the case of
symmetric encryption to the hash of a 
passphrase with the --symmetric option).

If you set your system to be less secure,
for example if you store your key in the
secret key ring with a blank password, 
then you will compromise the security of
your cryptic system and risk revealing
your secrets.  However, for certain 
operations on a physically and electrically
secure machine it would be safe to use 
the blank password method for short 
periods, assuming that you will revert to 
the safe storage of your secret key after
you have finished your operations.

This kind of question is often asked:

"I want to use gpg to encrypt and decrypt
a large number of files.  Encrypting is easy,
but I don't want to have to enter my 
password once for each file that I must

On some systems the best solution is a
program named GnuPG Agent.  For some
the best approach is to write a program 
or script that automates the process.  But, 
again, whatever method you choose, you 
need to do it on a machine that is both
permanently physically secure (for example,
inside a locked room no one else will enter)
and electrically secure (for instance, one 
that is not connected to a network).

And, I suggest not compromising these
principles simply because you are certain
that the data (secrets) you handle cannot 
be used to harm you.  Increasingly the
digital signature is becoming a legally 
binding tool over time.  If you allow your
secret key to be stolen, it could be used to
defraud yourself or even defraud some
innocent third party.  It's like the risks of
driving a car.  If you take into account only
your own personal danger, then you will run
greater risk of endangering someone else 
when you drive.

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Subject: please help

> hi guys,
>    this is the first time i using GnuPG. i have
> successfully encrypted the file, what i want to do it
> copy the fle and take it somewhere else, now the
> person who has this file should need to run some kind
> of binary format script which will decrypt the file
> and make it available for use on thhat machine.
> as explained in the GnuPG i cannot decrypt a file
> without giving the "passphrase". i wanted to know if
> there is any way i can decrypt gpg encrypted file
> without giving the "passphrase". my binary file which
> is a c program will automatically decrypt the file
> first and then do the further processes
> Thanks in advance
> Hemant.
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