Pre-compiled Windows 1.0.7 Availability?

Johan Wevers
Tue May 21 23:17:01 2002

David T-G wrote:

> Although it isn't precompiled, it's my understanding that the source code
> compiles quite well under cygwin ( and so you can have
> your own gpg for Windows right from the released sources.

Well, not quite well. Due to errors in the Makefile you have to type "make"
some times, or copy some libraries to /lib to have them found. And the
resulting executable doesn't work with WinPT, Werner thought this might be
due to different handle mappings. But it does compile, I did it myself.

The executable on works quite well on win32.

> If you're any sort of *NIX person, you'll probably very much enjoy the
> Cygwin kit if you don't have it.  Even if you're not, you can install a
> minimal kit and happily get going.

Although a fast and cheap internet connection is very usefull when you want
to download it. It's quite large.

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