AW: gnupg encryption (Eva Herskovicova)

Mortimer Graf zu Eulenburg
Thu May 23 18:08:01 2002

There is a plugin for Outlook using GnuPG for free @

its recommended by the german Goverment for use and they also paid GDATA to
code that. The german office for internet security claims its safe as safe
can under 1024 bit under Windoof. The plugin is as easy to use as the whole

Greetz, Mortimer

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->Auftrag von Leigh S. Jones, KR6X
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->Betreff: Re: gnupg encryption (Eva Herskovicova)
->GnuPG is a command-line tool.  This means that
->it does not have built-in ability to place buttons on
->the Microsoft Outlook toolbar that will allow the
->convenience of encryption/decryption that PGP
->affords.  Instead, GnuPG is used to encrypt or
->decrypt files outside of Outlook, and the contents
->of the files are moved into and out of Outlook using
->copy/paste capabilities.