some more doubts (Aditya)

Leigh S. Jones
Sat May 25 06:54:01 2002

My personal opinions below.  Your mileage
may vary.

Your top choices should probably be:

For Linux:
gpg 1.0.7 for Linux with appropriate add-ons

For Windows:
gpg 1.0.6/W32 with WinPT and IDEA
add-on for Win32 for international users and
corporate (commercial) use in the US (without
IDEA)(upgrade to gpg 1.0.7/W32 when
available at  The gdata
plug-in for Outlook is growing on me, but
doesn't form a complete GUI package.


PGP 7.04 Freeware (=7.03 plus two hotfixes)
if you are in the US and are a non-commercial
(home) user.  If you can find it.  Many will go
for PGP6.58, because there are free distributions
with source code available.  This software
is a pretty slick Windows package, where gpg
is primarily a command-line tool with the front-
ends (graphical user interface add-ons) in need
of a little polishing.

For DOS:
PGP 2.6x for MSDOS

DH/DSS keys are presently in vogue; RSA
(v3 or v4) are thought to be somewhat
outdated by many, although this is not really
related to the security of the cipher.  The
sha2 module won't get you much
improvement in functionality unless you are
anxious to test interoperability with that
hash experimentally.  Some European
versions (ckt) of PGP support it, but you
won't get anything encrypted or signed using
it unless you really ask for it.  The 8192 bit
key is overkill.  Using a key like that only
means you won't have compatibility with
anyone else.  I have a 4096/1024 DH/DSS
keypair and even that is overkill for this

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> hi all,
> thank u very much for solving some last doubts
> i have some more doubts again ( am rtfm )
> there are several versions of  gpg / pgp avilabe on the net for
download for
> presonal use
> 1. which one is the best for personal use
> i have checked out the following versions
> pgp263ia-multi06 <- this one has 8192 bit RSA keys!
> gpg 1.0.6 - normal gpg with the idea and sha2 module
> 2. is the 8192 bit rsa key more secure that the rest and is it
> with others ?
> -aditya
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