several questions about gnupg

Werner Koch
Wed May 29 09:41:01 2002

On Wed, 29 May 2002 03:24:04 +0200, Daniel Mettler said:

> no, there isn't. gnupg developers use telepathy instead., cvs commit messages and private mail.  IRC is
in general not a suitable medium for developers.  

> the revocation feature is a joke, man. besides this, rtfm.

You should send out revocation certificates to the people you usually
communicate with and to the keyservers to invalidate the key.  PGP is
a decentralized system and tehre is no central repository for keys or
revocations.  Having a keyserver with a fast revocation check
mechanism would be a nice thing, though.

> no, there isn't. it was hard to program, it should be hard to 
> embed.

If you can't figure it out you should ask specific questions on
gnupg-devel, read other software or hire one to do this work for you.

> just do it. btw. rtfm of <put your favourite programming language 

There are definitely a lot of Free Software developers or companies
around who would gladly provide you a "we-will-do-full-service".

>> >***** what really happens when a signature is made with
>> > --throw-keyid? i tested this and somehow the keyid seems to
>> > be still embedded in the signature.

Anonymizing a signature would be a bit strange.  --throw-keyid
anomyizes the recipient of an _encrypted_ message.

>> > or do i need "--edit-key name trust" to set an appropriate
>> > trust level too? can a public key made fully trusted just
>> > with "--edit-key name trust"?

Yes, if you set the trust to ultimate.  Remember that you must do this
for all you own keys so that the WoT can be build.