cypher algorithm

Peter C. Chapin
Sat Nov 2 12:30:01 2002

On Sat, 2 Nov 2002, Colin Brown wrote:

> Hi all I am just wondering how to select the cypher algorithm used to
> Encrypt, eg. 3DES RSA etc etc

I believe you want the --cipher-algo option. It requires a cipher name.
Use "gpg --version" to see the list of supported names. I'm not sure if
the list is case sensitive or not but, for example, you might do

	$ gpg -c --cipher-algo BLOWFISH afile.txt

I believe this option can also be used to define the symmetric cipher used
in conjunction with public key operations.

The public key algorithm used depends on the type of key used and you can
select that when the key is generated. I haven't played with that much so
I'm not so sure how to get, for example, RSA.