Key with no signing possibilities

David Shaw
Sat Nov 2 16:22:02 2002

On Sat, Nov 02, 2002 at 03:47:04PM +0100, Road Runner wrote:
> Hello
> I think this is a stupid question, but: is it possible to make a key for
> encryption only - without signing possibilities?
> Of course, I can do almost everything by hand - for example - not using
> signing possibilities of standard key, but some MUA-s can't.
> "Always have 2 different public keys one for signing and one for
> encrpytion (and never swap their roles)" --Newton-Hammet

Most OpenPGP "keys" are actually two different keys stuck together -
one signing key, and one encryption key.  It is technically possible
to make an encrypt-only key (which would be a single key), but this is
unusual enough that it may not be widely supported.


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