Problem with keyservers

David Shaw
Sun Nov 3 23:36:01 2002

On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 10:16:44PM -0000, David Pic=F3n =C1lvarez wrote:

> I have an ElGamal sign and encrypt key. I have chosen this key because =
> the higher signature strength. I haven't chosen RSA sign and another su=
> because ElGamal is supposed to be stronger than RSA AFAIK.
> This is just to tell you that I chose this key type for what I think is=
> valid reason so I wouldn't like to receive answers like "change your ke=
> type".
> The problem is I seem unable to insert the key into the keyserver.
> I'm using and I get an error like this:
> $ gpg -vvv --send-key 10F4B2AA
> gpg: using charset iso-8859-1
> gpg: DGB: increasing temp inbuf from 8192 to 16384
> gpgkeys: error adding key 10F4B2AA to keyserver: Operation Error
> This is not good.
> Can someone please help?

You have the ability to create whatever key type you like... and the
keyservers have the ability to accept whatever key types they like ;)

The LDAP keyservers do not accept ElGamal sign+encrypt keys.  Not
surprising, really, since the LDAP keyserver was written by NAI and
NAI's PGP didn't support that sort of key.  (Neither does PGP's PGP
8).  I'm afraid your only answer is in fact to change your key type or
only use the HKP keyservers.


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