Revoking A key

James A DePrisco
Mon Nov 4 23:13:02 2002

Put it on a disk or another hard drive.  If you lose your key, then follo=
the directions below.


On Monday 04 November 2002 07:03 am, David Pic=F3n =C1lvarez wrote:
> Hi,
> > I have created a revoke cert, but not sure what to do with it now.
> > Any help appreciated
> Import the certificate as though it were a key. Example.
> $ gpg --import your_revocation_certificate
> Then, needless to say, you need to propagate the revoked key in the sam=
> manner as you propagated the key in the first place: keyservers, e-mail=
, a
> URL, whatever.
> --David.