VIM pluggin for gpg?

Bill Thompson
Wed Nov 6 05:59:01 2002

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002 23:11:16 +0100 (Malte Gell) wrote:

> > Does anyone have a suggestion on integrating GnuPG into VIM?
> You just should have asked Google ;-) Looking for "using GnuPG with Vim"
> led me to (god links snipped)

But I got you to do my Google search for me, didn't I?

Seriously though, I had checked Google as well and found that link and
some others in the same vein. What I was hoping to find was a plug-in or
script that would do encryption and verification as well as decryption.
Something like TKpgp, but using vi.

Oh well, I'll keep looking or work on something myself when I get time.
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