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Richie Laager rlaager@wiktel.com
Wed Nov 6 06:21:02 2002

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> Thanks - I did that. So what's the point in the deluid then? :)

Why not? Let's say for example that I'm modifying my key. I
accidentally type something wrong in the user id and miss it in the
confirmation box. I could then delete the UID and all would be well,
as long as I hadn't sent the changes to a keyserver.

The issue here is not the PGP spec, it's the way keyservers and user
agents work. If keyservers simply stored a new key, instead of
merging changes, deleting a UID would work. (This assumes that user
agents would follow similar behavior.)

I could create many examples. Most would probably be odd cases. But,
if I find myself in one of those odd cases, it's nice to have the
functionality there.

To summarize quickly: Because of the way the keyservers work,
deleting UIDs isn't a common practive, in my experience.

Richard Laager

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