[Announce]GPGRemail v0.1 initial announcement

Marc Mutz mutz@kde.org
Wed Nov 6 18:31:01 2002

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On Monday 04 November 2002 01:02, Paul Boehm wrote:
>  * gpgremail reencrypts the mail with each recipients private key,
>    and delivers the mail.
>  * decrypt mail with your own private key.
> This is the first public release, so feedback of all kinds
> (especially security related after-thoughts) are more than welcome!

Here we go: Do you do
> foreach member in @members
>	send( gpg( message, member ), member )
or simply
> send( gpg( message, members ), members )

Sorry for not looking at the code, but I'd suggest you do the first 
approach, so that the messages stay smaller and - more importantly - 
you don't leak the list of subscribers to each member.


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