conventional encryption with passphrase remaining blank?

Julian T J Midgley
Mon Nov 11 17:54:02 2002

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002 wrote:

> is it possible to conventionally encrypt a file, but leave the passphrase blank?
> the purpose of this would be to have a signed file, and the detached signature bundled as one
> ordinarily, if one receives a signed and encrypted file, and then decrypts it,
> the signature automatically verifies
> in a signed file, with a detached signature, there is always the possibility
> of the signature being lost / stored in a separate area, than the signed file,
> with difficulties in verifying it at a later date

Surely the solution is to refrain from making detached signatures unless
there's a very good reason to do so?

Or if you're the recipient of a message with a detached signature, stick
the message and signature in a tarball and store that.


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