Documentation defects (was Re: conventional encryption with passphrase remaining blank?)

Tue Nov 12 05:04:01 2002

* David Shaw <> [2002-11-11 12:49]:
> Why encrypt at all?  "gpg --sign file" outputs the original file and a
> signature together in one file.

Hey that seems to work.. I've always had the same question myself.
Thanks David.

I noticed something strange.. the --verify switch will not seperate
the data from the sig when it comes time to make use of the data.  I
had to use the --decrypt switch, which is awkward because the file
really is not encrypted in the first place.  It's probably just the
data and the sig zipped together.  I would say if this is a feature,
then the documentation should be modified to indicate that the switch
decrypts or uncompresses.

Also, I noticed the man page specifies the syntax as follows:

  gpg  [--homedir name]  [--options file]  [options]  command  [args]

It then lists available commands and options, but no BNF for [args].
My understanding of args is that it specifies the file to be worked
on.. however, args is plural, so does this mean we can list multiple

The --homedir and --options switches are documented under options, so
they should not be listed at this top level.  Technically, I could
specify each of those options twice according to the way it's
represented here.