Keyservers: multiple subkeys and revocation: Not finding keys

Per Tunedal
Thu Nov 14 10:30:01 2002

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I don't understand I either cannot find one of my keys (AF351431) on the 
keyserver Though it seems OK when I send it.

I can only find my old revoked key on that server - and 
is supposed to treat keys alright!?
It works OK with a lot of other keyservers.

Per Tunedal

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 >`-----------------------------------------------On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at
 >08:58:04AM +0100, Matthias Mansfeld wrote:
 >> If I have to revocate a key with multiple subkeys (one of the style 
which is
 >> corrupted on the "normal" keyservers):
 >> I submitted this key over one of the buggy keyservers, these keyservers
 >show it
 >> corrupted, but nevertheless the public key block imports correctly and the
 >> servers without the bug show it correctly (means the key is correctly
 >> only _shown_ corrupted on the standard keyservers)
 >No, it will have missing and/or misplaced packets on the affected keyservers.
 >> Can I assume I can take any keyserver for submitting the _revocated_ 
key or
 >> should/shall I submit explicitely on a _not_ buggy keyserver (the only one
 >I found
 >> seems to be
 >Send it directly to and it will also be sent to
 >(and left uncorrupted by) ldap://  Direct
 >synchronization doesn't happen in the opposite direction yet, but
 >we're planning to add it. strips photo IDs, however.
 >It also handles direct key signatures, which make many other keyservers
 >reject keys/updates.  Keep these issues in mind when choosing
 >a keyserver.
 >Any other keyservers which don't corrupt keys don't seem to synchronize
 >with other nodes:
 >(NB:  both pages need to be updated.)
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