Keyservers: multiple subkeys and revocation: Not finding keys

Per Tunedal
Fri Nov 15 14:39:09 2002

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At 08:19 2002-11-14 -0500, you wrote:
 >* Per Tunedal <> [2002-11-14 04:31]:
 >> I don't understand I either cannot find one of my keys (AF351431) on
 >> the keyserver Though it seems OK when I send it.
 >> I can only find my old revoked key on that server - and
 >> is supposed to treat keys alright!?  It works OK
 >> with a lot of other keyservers.
 >I was able to get this key:
 >  $ gpg  --keyserver --recv-keys AF351431
 >  gpg: key AF351431: public key "Per Tunedal <>" imported
 >  gpg: Total number processed: 1
 >  gpg:               imported: 1
 >  $ gpg --fingerprint AF351431
 >  pub  1024D/AF351431 2002-02-04 Per Tunedal <>
 >       Key fingerprint = 4039 23C7 32CC 978C 01BD  FD87 6B28 4075 AF35
 >  1431
 >  uid                            Per Tunedal RADVIS <>
 >  uid                            Per Tunedal Operamail
 >  sub  4096g/E3889A13 2002-02-03 [expires: 2004-0
 >You didn't include a fingerprint for AF351431, so I cannot verify that
 >it is correct.
 >BTW, your message was signed with a key other than the above (7905AAA9).
 >One cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs -- but it is amazing
 >how many eggs one can break without making a decent omelette.
 >    -- Professor Charles P. Issawi

I tried again at and it doesn't 
work. "Key not found".

Fingerprint for the "missing" key (AF351431) is: 4039 23C7 32CC 978C 
01BD  FD87 6B28 4075 AF35 1431

BTW Yes, I am using a different key for this e-mailadress.
Fingerprint: 09D5 1EA1 8056 0D6C 1684 4D22 57E5 A315 7905 AAA9

Per Tunedal

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