Encrypting to PGP 2.X or 4.0

Jimmy L Hood jhood@duke-energy.com
Fri Nov 15 16:53:02 2002

I am converting from Unix PGP 2.7 to Windows GNUPG v1.1.90-nr1 (Windows NT
4.0) with RSA and IDEA - I also have v. 1.2.1 but have not installed yet. I
have successfully exported my keys from PGP and  have exchanged data with
PGP 6.5.X versions. My problem is encrypting to PGP 4.0 (which I understand
is quite similar to PGP 2.X). I have tried to follow the work around
solution published at

which creates  separate signature and data files and then encrypts them
together but have had no luck  PGP returns "Decrypted plain text is

I can get an unsigned encryped file to work by including the following
--rfc1991 --force-v3-sigs --cipher-algo IDEA --compress-algo 1
--s2k-digest-algo MD5

Has anyone ever gotten this to work with a signature? Any help would be

Jimmy Hood