Problem with Key Protection

Daniel Luebke
Sat Nov 16 12:07:01 2002

Hi there!

We've got a problem here: Yesterday we did an introduction to GnuPG in 
our university and after that, we offered the "newbies" to generate keys 
on a Knoppix-Linux-CD. Afterwards we held a keysigning-party, so that 
these new keys (and the old ones) w
ere integrated into the web of trust.
However, we haven't seen, that the GnuPP project still ships with gpg 
1.0.6 and the latest version (as far as I know) of GPA does not support 
gpg 1.2. At least, I'm not able to sign any key etc...
The problem is, that the gpg 1.0.6 does not know about the protection 
algorithm used to protect the private keys.
But normal users do want a graphical user interface to manage and sign 
keys which is completely understandable.
Is there any way (with an gpg 1.2 executable) to change the used 
algorithms or something else?

The error message with gpg 1.0.6 is:
gpg: Schutzverfahren 254 wird nicht unterstützt
gpg: Beglaubigung fehlgeschlagen: Unbekanntes Verschlüsselungsverfahren

(sorry, it's the German version, which should look like:
gpg: Protection algorithm 254 is not supported
gpg: signature failed: Unknown encryption algorithm

Does anyone has a solution for that?

thanks in advance

Daniel Luebke