E-Mail Encryption: Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?

carl w spitzer cwsiv_home1@juno.com
Sun Nov 17 04:54:05 2002

Why not leave GNUPG as a console app and write shells separately?
We have shells going back to win311 for PGP 2.6.x
In the win32 environment there is VB in linux I think its called
Although there is a VB compiler for Linux by Janus.  

The guys still tease me for even looking for such a thing.

The only real problem would be making the look and feel similar cross
platform for user simplicity.

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On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 13:34:45 -0500 "Ryan Malayter" <rmalayter@bai.org>
>From: Graham [mailto:graham.todd@ntlworld.com]=20
>>Surely its not beyond the expertise of those=20
>>who produce such a brilliant program an GnuPG=20
>>to provide a GUI interface through which ALL=20
>>commands can be given and which (in Linux=20
>>anyway) can be used as a stand alone program=20
>>to encrypt or sign emails even in MUAs without=20
>>GPG integration?
>There are more ways to help with open source projects than simple
>programming. In fact, if you were to organize a GUI design document 
>an easy-to-use front end, I'll bet you could find someone to do the
>One of the major problems with open-source software, in my opinion, is
>that it is written by software engineers for software engineers. It
>seems very few open-source projects have an interface design team with
>graphic artists, usability experts, "user-level" beta testers, etc. 
>commercial development teams have such people to make sure the end
>result is not only usable (in the functional sense) but easy enough to
>be *useful* to the vast nontechnical masses.

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