Feature request for future versions of gnupg, windows version.

carl w spitzer cwsiv_home1@juno.com
Sun Nov 17 04:54:12 2002

Borland Pascal & C long ago had a function which allowed a program to
find itself on disk and work with that information.  I dont know if GCC
has such a function.  Running off CD would be the best of all worlds for
GNUPG with a directory structure something like:


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On Tue, 29 Oct 2002 11:46:29 -1000 "Booker" <booker@lava.net> writes:
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>Is it possible to code future versions of gnupg to not require having 
>a =
>registry setting or environmental path for it?  I would like to keep 
>my =
>keys on a business card cdrom or on one of them fancy usb drives that 
>are miniature in size that it fits on your key chain?
>I currently do kept gnupg on a business card cd with my keys on it so 
>that I can move from desk to desk in the office and bring it home as =
>well.  I like to do this because I don't have to have my keys 
>scattered =
>all over the office.  Whenever I do need to add a key or make a new 
>key =
>I do it at home and burn a new cd.  For now, on the machines in the =
>office I just set the path in the registry or environment path to the 
>Are there insurmountable limitations to gnupg that requires it to know 
>it's path or have it's path in the windows registry?  If all keys 
>public =
>and private were kept in the same directory wouldn't that be 
>sufficient? =
> I.e. program gnupg to first look in it's current directory for it's =
>required files, then look into the environment path and then registry?
>Well it's just a suggestion, TTFN!
>Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (MingW32)
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