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David Shaw
Sun Nov 17 23:03:01 2002

On Sun, Nov 17, 2002 at 09:56:20PM -0000, Dick Gevers wrote:

> On Sunday, 17 November 2002 at 16:09 h, David Shaw wrote
> about "Re: User ID":
> >2) Run "gpg --edit" on each of your own keys, and make them
> I have always been typing gpg --edit-key KEYID. Would you please
> be so kind to change the output of gpg -h to "--edit" instead of
> "--edit-key". Thanks very much.

--edit-key is the real command name.  --edit will work as it is a
nonambiguous shortening of the name.  Any of the GnuPG commands and
options can be shortened that way.  Even "ed" works to mean "edit".


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