Personal prefs

Gregor Zattler
Wed Nov 20 13:45:02 2002

Hi David et al.,
* David Shaw <> [19. Nov. 2002]:
> An easy way to think about the personal prefs is as an additional
> recipient that doesn't actually get the message, but does have
> preferences that must be taken into account.

? In which circumstances could this happen?

My understanding is:

Somebody sends me her pub key.  She tells me (my gpg) via --edit
user-id setprefs which algos, hashes and compression she trusts
*and* her equipment is able to process.  With personal prefs i
(my gpg) select(s) a algo, hash and compression *i* trust (and my
equipment is able to process) from the set she send me with her
pub key.  Is this correct?

Ciao, Gregor