Moving subkeys around

David Shaw
Thu Nov 21 15:32:02 2002

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 05:21:04PM -0800, Russell O'Connor wrote:
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> Is it posslbe to move or copy a subkey from one key to another.
> Specifically I want to take my expired encryption key to my new key so I
> can decrypt my old messages with my new key's passphrase.  Then I can
> forget my old passphrase.
> I think I must have done this before, but I might have done this by
> assembing my own open-pgp packet by hand.

This is technically possible, but you would have to do it by hand.
GnuPG comes with "gpgsplit", a program that can handle the packet
disassembly for you, but you will still need to get a valid
self-signature on the moved subkey.

I've done it by running the gpg binary under gdb and tricking it into
signing what I wanted ;)


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