with-colons listing, issue with distinguishing between encrypting and signing keys.

Psy-Kosh Psy-Kosh" <psykosh@earthlink.net
Wed Nov 27 07:33:02 2002

> I don't think it is a case of gpg not knowing the difference or the
> key being corrupted or such, since I test it by trying to get it to
> encrypt to the one that's suppused to be the signing key and vice
> versa, and it always instead encrypts to the encrypting key and signs
> with the signing key instead. I commented out the default key and so
> on options in my .conf file during the tests to make sure that wasn't
> it, and it still gets it right. So, gpg "knows" which key is which
> kind, just doesn't seem to display it properly. Is this a bug, or
> could I merely be misreading the listing?

I take that back, rechecked that, it's using only one of the subkeys for
both encrypting and signing, refusing to use the one that is meant to be a
signing key. This seems to be a recent problem. How would this happen, and
is it possible to fix it?

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