Which *.mo file is which language?

Gustavo Vasconcelos gustavo.hlv@gmx.net
Wed Nov 27 20:26:01 2002

Hello Thomas.

You probably want to have a look at the ISO Language Code 
(http://ftp.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/http/related/iso639.txt) and ISO 
Country Code 

If a file is named pt-BR.mo it means the Portuguese language, spoken in 
Brazil (Brazilian Portuguese).

I am also developing Inno Installers for Windows Privacy Tray which 
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Thomas Braun escreveu:

>I want to create a Win32 installer for Gnupg with Inno Setup and need
>the information which of the mo file is which language.
>I searched the gnupg web site and Google quite a while but I could find
>no information on this topic.

Gustavo Vasconcelos
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