Point of view regarding LISA 2002

markus_kampkoetter markus_kampkoetter@t-online.de
Tue Oct 1 18:10:02 2002

Michael Tokarev schrieb:
> Adam Shostack wrote:
> []
> > Now, are these GPG's fault?  In most cases, no, they're not.  But
> > they're problems that we need to address to get say, 10% of the email
> > on the net to be encrypted.  And if thats a goal, then we need to
> > examine the things that are preventing us from hitting it.
> Yeah - learn users to encrypt their emails and there will be
> many problems with viruses who will try to use encryption too
> thus making it impossible to detect in-transit...  Oh well... ;)
> /mjt
i do not agree with you. at least you will know for sure who sent the virus to 
you ;))) and worms cannot use cryptotechnology easily.
(one day later)
or can they? is it possible to write a script that automatically encrypts to all 
the keys on ones keyring and sends itself to the corresponding addresses? even 
if, it never will be able to sign.

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