encrypt multiple files into one singlefile and then decrypt back the original multipe files

David Shaw dshaw@jabberwocky.com
Tue Oct 1 21:28:02 2002

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 02:21:52PM -0400, paul.healy@goodyear.com wrote:
> Can gpg take several cleartext input files and make a single encrypted
> file that when decrypted creates the original multiple cleartext files?
> The reason I ask is on an on-going basis. When I need to send files to
> a remote user, there usually are several files to be sent. Currently
> if there are five files to be sent, then five ".asc" files are created
> and sent.  I'd like to  issue one encrypt command on multiple files
> get a single encrypted output and e-maili that single file.
> The remote user would decrypt this single file with the
> "--use-embedded-filename" flag and magically obtain the mulitple orignal
> files.
> Is this something GPG can do?

Not by itself.  The OpenPGP format requires only one "file" inside an
encrypted message.  You can zip or tar the files together and then
encrypt that though.


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