.gnupg on FlashDisk with autofs (o.t.?)

Thomas Liesner t.liesner@creativ-consulting.de
Wed Oct 2 12:07:02 2002

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well, i actually resigned... There is no solution for it.
The problem is the filesystem. Those flash-disks come with a vfat
filesystem out of their box. Vfat does not know anything about
users/permissions etc. (hence no chmod/chown etc.). The only solution is
to mount it with umask 777 which is not really an option ;) Changing
it's filesystem to to something like ext2nd is not working with my
MacOS-X box and ufs is not working with my MacOS-9 box... And now think
of ntfs...
Okay, i think i stick to vfat and keep my hands securly on the disk...
Too bad.


Am Mit, 2002-10-02 um 11.10 schrieb Eugen Leitl:
> I've tried doing exactly the same thing like you, and I failed. I would b=
> also interested in hearing about a solution.
> On 2 Oct 2002, Thomas Liesner wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >=20
> > i'm trying to configure my autofs on a SuSE 8.0 Linux-Box to mount my
> > DiskOnKey-FlashDisk automatically after plugging it to the usb-port.
> > I have .gnupg as symbolic link in my homedir to a directory on my
> > flashdisk. Problem is, i can't get the permissions right. I played with
> > the mount-options suid, guid, user, users and umask, but to no success.
> >=20
> > I can't get gpg to lock files during import, can't chmod to something
> > like 600 etc.
> > Anyone else here using a similar setup?
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