.gnupg on FlashDisk with autofs (o.t.?)

Thomas Liesner t.liesner@creativ-consulting.de
Wed Oct 2 14:49:02 2002

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every mountable device suffers from this problem when you need it on
different os's... It's not a problem of the device. It's a
incompatibilty problem of filesystems. As long as you stick to one or
two os's you are absolutly fine with these disks or floppys or hdd's or
what ever...

As soon as i can get rid of my MacOS 9 box i'll change the fs to ufs and
can work happily on both os's (Linux and MacOS X) with permission and
user-rights etc.
It was my fault to start this thread anyway, because i didn't think...


Am Mit, 2002-10-02 um 12.35 schrieb Pilkington, Christopher J.:
> Is there another variety of the hardware someone could recommend that
> doesn't suffer from this problem?
> E.g. Memory smart card, cf card, other usb card?
> Christopher

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