gpg: protection algorithm 254 is not supported

Werner Koch
Wed Oct 2 15:45:06 2002

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002 08:55:26 -0400, Pilkington, Christopher J said:

> Here is the output.  If anything in this compromises my key, I'm guessing
> I'll need to revoke it...


>         simple S2K, algo: 254, simple checksum, hash: 1

You have listed this using gpg < 1.0.7, right?

254 indicates the new SHA1 protection but old versions of GnuPG didn't
know about this and assumed this is the protection algorithm.  OpenPGP
recently changed the meaning of the protection algo 254 which could be
done because algorithm numbers > 127 were not defined.

If you want to export this key so that 1.0.6 can use it, do a 

  gpg --export-secret-key --simple-sk-checksum 0x12345678 >mykey.sec

with gnupg >= 1.0.7

Does it work now?