encrypt multiple files into one singlefile and then decrypt back the original multipe files

kromJx kromJx@myrealbox.com
Thu Oct 3 11:16:02 2002

Doug Gorley:
> Interesting.  I'm trying to do this using tar and gzip instead of zip,
> but I'm running into some trouble.  The command I'm trying is:
>   tar -cz *.jpg | gpg -eatr douggorley > files.tar.gz.asc
> Everything appears to work correctly, but once I decrypt the file,
> gunzip won't recognise it.  Any ideas?

Try the following instead:

   tar -c *.jpg | gpg -ear douggorley > files.tar.gz.asc

No need to compress the tar file with -z; gnupg will compress its input.
Don't use the -t (text) option of gnupg.