gpg-agent and other passphrase caching tools

Malte Gell
Thu Oct 3 17:19:01 2002

> > to be part of the Aegypten project, will it find its way into the
> > "normal" gpg tree as well ?
> Yes, in will be part of 2.0

That's good news !

> > gpg-agent works well as far as I can see, but are there any other
> > similar tools which may be more mature or what are you using ?
> There is the old gpg-agent form gpg 1.1.1 and there is Quintuple
> Agent as a gpg independant passphrase caching system.

I used --default-cache-ttl 3600 with gpg-agent to keep the passphrase=20
for 1 h in memory, but it seem not to work as I thought, after some=20
time (<1h) I had to enter the pf again, does this option have a=20
different meaning than I thought ?

BTW, I found a nice and easy way to start gpg-agent for an X session via=20
~/.xsession :

if test -e ~/.gpg_agent_info; then
        . ~/.gpg_agent_info
gpg-agent --daemon --pinentry-program=3D/usr/local/bin/pinentry-gtk --sh =
--default-cache-ttl 3600 >> ~/.gpg_agent_info

=2E ~/.gpg_agent_info

and in /etc/init.d/halt.local a simple

rm -f /home/malte_gell/.gpg_agent_info

That way gpg-agent is stared automatically and if I leave X and log on=20
later it is still running and can be used without being startet again=20
and GPG_AGENT_INFO is set correctly at log on, gpg-agent only gets=20
restarted after the machine gets rebooted.