MUAs supporting GnuPG FAQ update

David Scribner
Fri Oct 4 02:31:02 2002

--- Ingo Klöcker <> wrote:
> Hmm, maybe I don't understand the above sentence correctly
> [it's really 
> convoluted ;-)]. But I think you got it wrong. Therefore I'd
> like to 
> clarify this.
> Up to KDE 3.0 (which is the current stable version of KDE)
> KMail only 
> supports clearsigning and inline encryption. This support is
> native.
> The upcoming version of KMail (in KDE 3.1) will also support
> through a plugin.
> So more precisely the entry for KMail should look like this:
> MUA             PGP/MIME  ASCII    How? (N,P,T)
> [...]
> KMail (<=1.4.x)    N        Y       N
> KMail (1.5.x)     Y(P)     Y(N)    N/P

Actually that was what I meant, so I apologize for the
convoluted sentence. :/ I have KDE 3.0.3 installed, but still
prefer Mutt for my MUA so I'm not as "up" on KMail versions as I
guess I should be. However, I appreciate your clarification and
table addition (once again)!

BTW, do you know if KMail 1.5.x will include the ability to
encrypt attachments, or will they still need to be manually
encrypted beforehand and prior to being attached to the mail

Thanks again!


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