MUAs supporting GnuPG FAQ update

David Scribner
Fri Oct 4 02:55:03 2002

--- Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder <>
> On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 23:01, David Scribner wrote:
> > MUA            OpenPGP  ASCII    How? (N,P,T)
> Hmmm. OpenPGP means PGP/MIME, ASCII means Clearsigned, I
> assume. I'd
> change the terminology, as clearsigned is specified in the
> iirc.

I sure will, and is good point confirmed by David Shaw as well.
Change has been made. Thanks!

> > Evolution         Y       Y       N
> I don't know about other mailers, but I think the list should
> include
> notes if some mailer has issues. Specifically:
>  - evolution doesn't properly handle clearsigned messages -
> 80% of the
> time the signature doesn't verify, and sometimes the message
> is not
> recognized as a signature. The deveolpers do *not* intend to
> fix this
> (at least that's when I last looked on the evo mailing list).
>  - in 1.0.x versions, signed messages with attachments very
> often do not
> verify and/or the generated signatures are corrupt. Haven't
> tried the
> 1.1.x versions.

Another good point, but I think keeping up with issues various
MUAs have with supporting GnuPG/PGP properly would be better
left to those lists that specifically deal with that (such as and the others
that are mentioned in the FAQ).

However, I'm glad you brought Evolution's possible issues to my
attention. I will look into this further tonight, and if that
client's problems still include mangling the messages in the
1.1.x versions a large percentage of the time I'll just drop it
from the list.

Thanks again!


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