Verify a signature on Windows98SE

Per Tunedal
Tue Oct 8 18:22:02 2002

At 20:30 2002-10-07 +0200, you wrote:
 >On Mon, 07 Oct 2002 18:39:11 +0200, Per Tunedal said:
 >> gpg --verify filename.asc or gpgv filename.asc doesn't work. It gives
 >> an error message.
 >Well, what error message?  We need a somewhat more detailed bug report
 >to analyze your problem.  Please show use the output of "gpg
 >--version" too.
 >   Werner
1) version: 1.2.0
2) it is a DOS-problem! I made a bat-file in WindowsXP and made a shortcut=
in the folder "SEND TO". Thus I could easily check signatures from Windows=
Explorer by right-clicking and chosing send-to the bat-file. It worked as=20
expected in WindowsXP, but not in Windows98.
3) Content of bat-file:
gpgv %1
4) Error message:
gpgv: no signed data
gpgv: can't hash datafile: fel vid =F6ppnande av fil (=3Derror on opening of=
5) Yes, I know GPG is Win32 and not DOS! Maybe there is a workaround=