Delete a key in win98

Hans Klonner
Thu Oct 10 08:55:01 2002

Hi all!

I have a serious problem in using GnuPG.
I deleted the first key   I created on the win98 box by
deleting the folder \windows\anwenderdaten\gnugp\ (secring, pubring, 
options,), for the key was too complicated (Now I know it's a serious 

I created a new key-pair .

Now I can encrypt everything, but
when I try do decryt  an error message appears: "No secret key". And 
above apears  the very first key I created, but don't want to use.

I tried the item "default key" -to use the new key-pair.  No success.
I tried to re-install the program an deleting every registry key 
containing "gpg and gnupg and the number of the key" with no success.

Can smb. be so kind to tell me where win98 stores the secret-key entrys ?
I suppose it's hidden in the registry.

Hans Klonner